Tet am trao em Nghe An

On January 21, 2024, the “Tết ấm trao em” program, organized by Starfish Vietnam in collaboration with Sao Biển - Room for Education and Aristino brand, brought joy and meaningful gifts to children at Khe Nap Kindergarten and Khe Nap Primary School, Bao Nam commune, Ky Son district, Nghe An province.


Thanks to the generous contributions of volunteers, Aristino sponsor, Sao Biển - Room for Education organization, and the community, the "Tết ấm trao em" program was a resounding success with meaningful activities such as:


      Donating modern equipment: The joy of learning in a more spacious and modern environment was brought to the students when the program donated televisions, speakers, microphones, and rice cookers to Khe Nap Kindergarten and speakers, microphones, and fans to Khe Nap Primary School.


      Supporting education: 77 students at the two schools received meaningful gifts including books, clothes, sandals, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and candy.


      Paving the way for the future: 10 students with difficult circumstances in Khe Nap village were awarded scholarships worth 1,000,000 VND, giving them encouragement on their educational journey.


      Improving infrastructure: The floors of classrooms at Khe Nap Kindergarten were paved with new tiles, and the playground was fenced in, creating a safer and more comfortable learning environment for the children.


      Bringing joy to the community: The sale of clothes at 0 dong brought joy and support to the people of Khe Nap village, contributing to the spread of love and sharing in the community.


All funding for these activities came from the profits of the "Lì xì cho em" fundraising campaign and sponsorships from the Aristino brand.


The “Tết ấm trao em” program concluded with bright smiles and joy from the children, teachers, and people of Khe Nap village. The gifts and meaningful activities brought a warm spring and spread love to the highlands of Nghe An.


Through the “Tết ấm trao em” program, Starfish Vietnam hopes that these small gifts will be a great source of encouragement for the children, giving them more faith and hope for a brighter future. At the same time, the program is also a deep expression of gratitude to the sponsors, supporting organizations and all the generous hearts who have joined hands to bring joy to the children.


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